At Mailboxes & Shipping Etc., you’ll find a variety of packaging supplies.  From cardboard (corrugated) boxes, bubble packaging, packaging peanuts or packaging popcorn, packaging tape, padded/bubble mailing envelopes, shipping/mailing tubes, and many others.
We also offer specialized packaging services for high-value items such as electronics, antiques, and other artworks. We make sure all items we package are done right the first time so they arrive at their destination safe and sound.

We treat every package as our own, and ensure it is done right!

Specializing In

Perishable Items

Shipping perishable items requires careful packaging and expedited transportation to ensure they reach their destination quickly and in optimal condition, as delays or temperature fluctuations can lead to spoilage. We offer expedited shipping and personalized packaging for your perishable items.

Antiques & Artwork

Shipping antique items & artwork demands meticulous packaging and handling to safeguard their delicate and often irreplaceable nature. We utilize custom crates and/or boxes, cushioning materials, and expert handling is essential to protect these valuable artifacts and ensure they arrive at their destination intact and undamaged.


Shipping electronics items necessitates secure packaging to shield them from potential damage during transit, including shocks and vibrations. Additionally, it's crucial to consider temperature and humidity conditions. We make sure we use the appropriate packaging materials to ensure there is no damage to your package.